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26 It is quite possible to inherit a predisposition to develop hemorrhoids

8. Pregnancy – Changes caused by hormones along with amplified pressure of fetus on the veins in anal canal.

-Do you exercise enough?
-Do you drink enough water?
-Do you have a job that requires lots of sitting or standing in place?

It is not simple admitting to yourself that you are doing something wrong.

With small effort you can eliminate most causes and entirely avoid pricey and agonizing operation.

Examine what you might be doing wrong:

-Analyze your diet.

3. Wrong bowel movement habits – Delaying and straining during bowel movement and reading during bowel movement. Lack of personal hygiene – Not washing up after the bowel movements, excessive wiping, using paper instead of washing up or using moist vipes with Witch Hazel. Improper diet – Shortage of high fiber food in our every day diet and insufficient water intake, too much coffle, sodas and alcohol causes dehydration. Today we know that lack of foods high in fiber, insufficient water intake and lack of movement are the main causes.

7.What is the main cause of hemorrhoids? We can blame our modern life style as the main cause.

4. Health conditions – Anal infection, liver or heart disease, or even tumors in the pelvic area. All this can be done with just a small effort. Obesity – Excess weight causes pressure on veins in anal canal. Excessive rubbing and cleaning around anus- Do not use toilet paper, wash up after bowel movements or use moist towels.

5. Ageing – Not your fault, just make sure to eat plenty of foods high in fiber, fruits, vegetables and drink lots of water.

Anything of the above can Polyester yarn for weft and warp be the cause of hemorrhoids, usually it is several of these causes combined that are the problem. Everyday activities – Too much sitting or standing, causing pressure on veins in the rectum area, driving to work instead taking a public transport, bike or walking lack of exercise.

It takes little effort to remove hemorrhoid causes in our modern everyday lifes, even if we think that some factors are out of our control, when actually they are not.

In addition, drinking lots of water will cause more frequent urination, and not all of us have access to decent bathrooms while working or commuting.

9. Hemorrhoids causes can be divided in 9 major groups:

1. One other likely cause is genetics, it is quite possible to inherit a predisposition to develop hemorrhoids. I know that some of this causes are hard for you to hear and I know that most of us have jobs were you can not set aside time for a good meal.


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